Australia Market Launch


The Australian go to market plan for Rodan + Fields had a 3 phased approach; Pre-Enrollment, Soft Launch, and Market Launch.

During Pre-Enrollment we needed to provide anonymous site visitors a compelling narrative about Rodan + Fields and facilitate learning about our products & opportunities in Australia. We also needed to encourage, educate and empower existing global Consultants & Australian pre-enrollees to prospect, pre-enroll, and evangelize.

During Soft Launch we needed to provide a way for pre-enrollees to convert as Australian Consultants and begin setting up their businesses. For Market Launch, we needed to enable all converted Australian Consultants a way launch their business and experience the full suite of applications for taking transactions and managing their business.



  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Research
  • IA + User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • UX/UI Design
  • UX Engineering
  • Design Reviews


We leveraged stakeholder interviews, design research, market research, and BI data to guide us in telling the story of the unique opportunity of pre-enrolling as a Rodan + Fields Consultant In Australia. All of the content, Information Architecture, User Flows and UI in the new experience was informed by research.



Rodan + Fields had to put their best foot forward into this new market so we created a new product that embraced and supported our brand promise and new visual design language. The designs were elevated to align with the new brand direction and reality of Rodan + Fields being the #1 skincare brand in the United States. We leveraged sophisticated videos and imagery from the latest brand campaigns and updated our iconography and responsive layouts to support our strategy.




My team worked closely with Brand, Marketing, New Market Development, Product Managers, and Engineering to see the launch through to completion. My team led the overall user experience, art direction and coded UI components throughout. In the end, we created a scalable, fully responsive, site that aided in the most successful new market launch in company history.




It was exciting to build a successful new product that would enable Rodan + Fields to continue to expand globally. This was more than just a new approach to a market launch. This was putting Rodan + Fields on the world stage in a prestigious and user-centered fashion that would usher in a new era of success and growth for the company. Our original pre-enrollment forecast of 6,000 pre-enrollees was met 2 months early. Our adjusted stretch goal of 10,000 pre-enrollees was met just a month later. As of Soft Launch, we are 176% over our stretch goal with 17,600 pre-enrollees ready for Market Launch.