During my five year stay at Spring Studio, I worked on over 70 successful Schwab projects. I developed designs for nearly every business group across the firm including Active Trader, Advisor Services, Corporate Services, Charles Schwab Bank, International, Retail Brokerage, Retirement Plan Services, and Schwab Charitable.

I worked on a full suite of mobile products and designed for the iPhone, Android, iPad, and responsive web. I also ideated on solutions for Google Glass and Apple Watch.

I also lead projects for prospect and marketing acquisition websites as well as enrollment experiences for various business groups including Active Trader, Retail Brokerage, Advisor Services, Retirement Plan Services, and Corporate Services.  

My favorite project during my time working with Schwab was their native Trading app. I worked closely with their internal UX, Brand, and Engineering teams to solve for complex cutting edge features (at the time) like Check Deposit and Options Trading. Users who installed the native application traded 25% more than other users.